Level design

I have a broad experience in level design!

  • From commercial releases, to school projects and minor tests.
  • In 3D, 2.5D and pixel art.
  • In dynamic platform levels, narrative environments, puzzles and RPG maps.
  • Using Unreal Engine, Unity, Tiled and custom tools.
  • I can design gameplay, write story and draw pixel art in conjunction with my level design.

Feel free to check out my work by clicking on these banners below.




Some people master one talent to perfection, while others have several strings on their bows. As you may have read on the About me page, I belong in the latter category. Aside from level design, I also find myself proficient in fields such as QA and pixel art. I’ve gathered examples of my other talents here. I’m also an excellent pastry cook and embroider, thought those skillz aren’t demonstrated here!