At FutureGames, I had a course in QA. The task was to test the DLC Bastard’s Wound for the game called Tyranny, by Paradox Interactive. The course was led by a lead tester at Paradox and we used the same software as their QA division, Jira by Atlassian. Together with four other students, we formed a small testing team and individually focused on various aspects of the game. I mostly tested the battle system and the manuscript. I used the method Paradox calls “negative testing“, which means you strive to avoid the critical path as much as possible. When we were done, we wrote a test report, which got the highest grade by the teacher. You can find the test report below.



QA is one of the most important parts of game development, which is sadly overlooked a lot. These days, game developers abuse the digital distribution by relying too much on post-release patches, which really hurts the industry. The importance of QA cannot be underestimated, so I took this course very seriously. As I will probably work at smaller companies, I will most likely do a lot of QA since smaller companies often require that from everyone in the team.

I had done a lot of QA prior to the course, so I quickly got into it again, though the learning curve of the game was a very steep hill at the beginning. Though I play a lot of RPGs, they are mostly Japanese and I hadn’t played any hardcore western RPGs of this type before. With this in mind, I got a feeling I couldn’t test as well as someone more experienced in the genre. For example, knowing how effective certain attacks should be, what level is proper to fight a certain boss or if a spell works correctly may be easier to figure out if you know the genre. A newcomer may play and have weird things happen without knowing they are weird. With that said, I managed to overcome the steep learning curve and understand most of the game after some hours of testing. I found a lot of different bugs, mostly graphical and narrative ones. And in the end, the game became quite fun actually. Which really helped the testing, as it decreased the frustration of not knowing the game mechanics. This, I will take with me when I ask other people to test games I work on in the future.


Test report

Click on the links to see the test report in .pdf format. Note: All links in the documents have been edited out as they are no longer working.

Quality Verdict – Tyranny, Bastard’s Wound DLC

Quality Verdict – Tyranny, Bastard’s Wound DLC – Subjective Feedback