Dodge Golf


This is the first game project I had at FutureGames. It was a two week project where the requirements were “combine two sports”, “party game” and “multiplayer”, using Unreal Engine. Our group of 4 game designers and 5 3D artists decided to combine golf with dodgeball and have a few powerups to spice it up a bit. I mainly worked at the UI for this game and a made a few blueprint scripts.


This project felt like a big test of teamwork and a lesson in scripting. As I’m not a very technical type, I struggled a lot with the scripting. Most of the stuff I did was reworked into better scripts by the main scripter, but some stuff I did remained, for example the random spawning of power up balls. So, to not waste too much time at fatal stack errors, I mostly worked on the UI, making the main menu with the instructions, announcing the game start, tallying the scores and ending the game. Though it felt very stressful, I think this was both a fun and successful project. Everybody did their best and we got the highest grade from the jury who judged it.