About me

Hello there!

My name is Zebbe Brax! (The Z is there because my mother named me after Zeb Macahan). I’m currently 33 years old, and live in the Kingdom of Sweden, which contrary to popular belief does not have polar bears.

I am a junior game designer specializing in level design. Though I can do other things as well, like writing, drawing pixel art, QA and bake cakes. Yes, you can believe me.

I like it when games are fun, so you can, you know, laugh at them. So I try to incorporate humour into the games I work on. And Italo disco. Though I’ve never succeeded with the latter thus far. What’s most important is that games give an authentic experience, which feels whole and believable. You simply can’t put laser-shooting mecha-dinosaurs in a high fantasy setting, it just doesn’t fit in. Another important thing is games shouldn’t irritate you. Irritating things can be level design with blocking assets which break the flow, UI which don’t give any feedback and loading times longer than Anslagstavlan. I always strive to make games as enjoyable as possible in these regards.

While I have a blithe approach to myself, I always take my work seriously and am a loyal employee who leaves no work undone.

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